Providence United Methodist Church







To bring the lost to Jesus Christ through, worship the one true living God, nurture believers in the faith, and share the hope of Jesus Christ with the community and in the World.



Worship sustains us as Christians and revives us to live a life filled with God's light and hope in the world. At Providence we come together three times a week to sing praise, hear the word spoken, and fellowship together.


Providence seeks to nurture all believers, no matter where they are in their walk with Christ. If you are new to faith or if you have been attending church since you were born we want to help you grow closer to God.


The Epistle of James says that the true mark of faith is Service. We serve in the community and world so that all might know the hope and love that God reveals through Christ.


Worship Sundays at 11am

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Note from The Pastor:

Welcome to Providence United Methodist Church - Marion. We hope that as you explore and seek more information about our church you will find a place to call home. Providence is a friendly church that seeks to live out our faith in our community by creating strong ties to various organizations in the area, such as West Marion Elementary, The McDowell PregnancyCare Center, and others. Providence also seeks to be a church that directly responds to needs in the community as they arise.

As United Methodist’s we believe that Grace abounds. God’s grace permeates everything, it exists and works in our lives at all stages of our faith. God’s grace in our lives is what calls us to belief and repentance, it is what drives us to become the people that God has made us to be and it is the foundation and force behind our service in this world. It is the grace of God that gives us inner peace and outer love.

The word providence means God’s intervention in the world. Here at Providence we believe that God is still working, God is still intervening in the world, God is still planning for the world and for us. It is our goal to discern that plan and to follow it to the best of our abilities.

If you are lost, found, healed, hurt, sad, happy, content, confused, certain, believing, un-sure, or unbelieving there is a place for you at Providence United Methodist Church. When you visit with us you will find a welcoming community ready to walk through life with you. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you have been, we are a community of love and grace and when we gather there is a place for you. Sinners and Saints, Brothers and Sisters, you are invited and welcome to come and be a part of Providence.


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